Прошивку huperion, жан пиаже презентация

Note: IR Reading of this firmware are lower than of 5.52 and earlier, it is on purpose to align the Hyperion chargers against other on the market Quick-Guide for Hyperion High Voltage HvLi G6 Batteries: HvLi Firmware update: If you have a Hyperion EOS Charger already we have. The Hyperion EOS Control & Data Suite adds the convenience of a PC software interface to the This software requires Hyperion EOS Firmware 5.5 or later.

Apr 30, 2014 Hyperion Project 2014, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 but coming from stock firmware and wants to do a complete clean flash. HYPERION PC SOFTWARE & FIRMWARE FILES (updated May 11 2015) May 11 2015: EOS Charger Firmware v5.94 is out. It replaces Li-ION OpenELEC - new firmware (starting from OE 4.1.2) breaks hyperion (lightberry) # 136. Closed. gixxpunk opened this Issue on Jul 27, 2014 · 15 comments. Hyperion EOS 0720i / 0730i NET3 AD Control and Data Software Currently only supports the 720i NET3, NET2, NET3AD and 730i with firmware v5.86-5.94. Oct 21, 2015 . NOTE: For firmware versions 5.5+ the EOS Suite PC software . Mode with HVLI Mode (3.8V/cell Lithium Polymer, like Hyperion G6 HvLi) 5.91 Firmware for EOS line chargers. Fixes: - Storage mode now have 60 second break (same as charge) -. NOTE: EOS Suite is NOT compatible with 5.91.

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